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A Mediterranean Living

Think of a place where the Mediterranean lifestyle meets with sustainable ways of living… and instantly you are surrounded with a wonderful community, sharing stories as well as beautiful spaces, food and a sense of belonging.

A Mediterranean Living

Inspired by the concept of a Mediterranean village, life at Mediterra carries the architectural and social heritage of Cyprus, revolving around two main axes.

A production axis where your own organic food is grown and collected; and the social axis where community flourishes at courtyards and around all shared social spaces as well as at everyday sustainability practices.


Mediterra's key priority for development is the protection and preservation of the natural environment of Cyprus.

We strive to minimize the use of natural resources and preserve the unique local biodiversity with a series of policies and specially designed infrastructure.

The main concept of the Mediterra project is to build a settlement that does not consume, but produces, that defies time rather than wears out.

"At Mediterra, we provide an opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of every day life, and instead focus on wellness, tranquility and quality.

It's a chance to live a more relaxing and fulfilling lifestyle".

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