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A Mediterranean Concept

A Modern Mediterranean Village

Intuitive architectural forms at Mediterra let nature be the luxury.

Natural Materials

Mediterra homes channel integrity by drawing upon natural materials carved and borne out of the earth, such as ochre-hued limestone from the Besparmak Mountains, warm Iroko wood, and luxurious ceramic tiles.


Courtyards, a traditional element of Cypriot and Mediterranean architecture, connect and cool the features of each home.

Courtyards encourage air flow, with the sky as a ceiling and a balance of light and leafy shade. They are social hubs in the home and offer protection from the heat.

Interior Design

Interiors are designed to be sophisticated in their simplicity, using warm, neutral tones, clean, contemporary fittings and beautiful earth-borne materials.

You can walk across the porcelain ceramic floors into the open-air courtyard or onto the shaded terraces, and everyday life moves seamlessly between inside and outside.

The interior of each property is designed with open spaces, and an abundance of natural light and panoramic views are fundamental architectural elements.

This increased exposure to daylight has been shown to improve mood and general well-being, as well as ensure that homes use as much renewable energy as possible.

Fixtures and Finishes

Spaces are impeccably finished using the finest fixtures, clean and timeless in design, with a beautiful rhythm of floor-to-ceiling windows that let the outside in.

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